Pregnancy journey

First 20 weeks

This one was a tricky time for me as i didn’t know how many weeks i was even a estimate. The journey from contacting the surgery for a referral to the midwifes and actually having a scan was a bit dazed. It was very different to when i had the other children and because of that i was left to my own devices. it was a scary time for me as my very first was a miscarriage and the following 3 were not the smoothest of pregnancies.

Well I waited for the scan date [dating scan] to come through and battled with the worst of sickness. it resulted me to having Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I was totally out of it not having sense in what day it was or what hour. My best food was suck -able hard sweets and vegetable fingers with beans and mash. I’ve had sickness in the past but its never been this bad. I’ve managed to get on with my day and do my daily jobs, slowly. That’s when i realised if you’ve not been through it you don’t know whats hit you!

The day arrived i thought i may be week 6 or 7. It was gonna be a long journey especially with this sickness. I was as nervous as i was my very first time i think its because it was a 8 year gap and also in my head there was not gonna be anymore babies. I had all my checks done and went in for the scan. Firstly, went on the cold gel and then that pause of is there a baby inside at all. then there appeared the sac and a little blob showing the baby and then a even smaller flicker for the heart. Alhamdulillah. Then came the question of how many weeks i actually was. The sonographer mumbled under her breath and looked through my notes. Puzzled she looked at me [this was making me nervous and scared at the same point], your actually 13 weeks pregnant!

I first asked if everything was alright with the baby, and then relieved at the fact hopefully the sickness will not last as long as i thought [on previous occasions the sickness only lasted between 16-20 weeks].

I have complicated pregnancies so had to see a consultant as well. All was well and i was prepared for anything else that came along as my baby was fine. The time between the 12-20 weeks mark is also nerve racking as you know you have to eat well and be mindful of this baby growing inside without you knowing is there as you can’t feel it.

I was well looked after by the other half. He just took over the house and i just wasn’t aware of what had hit me regarding the sickness. This can be really tough but you just need to be patient for the light at the end of the tunnel. The sickness eased off slowly. The time came for the 20 weeks scan anomaly scan]. This can be nerve racking as everything is checked at this point of the pregnancy. The scan can vary how long it will last but those few minutes can last longer. You can ask as many questions at this point regarding the scan and body parts of the baby. Alhamdulillah all was well my end, Its the problems that followed after that were not so good.


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