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Week one to weaning!

One week moved onto 4 weeks and we had learnt new things. reading a book about it is not the same as the reality it’s so different.


  • We learnt her best position of feeding and that she preferred one breast to the other not because of the supply because she preferred that position when feeding so had to try other positions of feeding so that it mimicked her position for the best breast.
  • We learnt what cluster feeding was. At first, you automatically think have I got enough milk as baby gets quite upset and mine fed like she was really hungry and hadn’t fed for ages which got me scared at first until I read up on it. This happens mainly in the First month of the baby being born but can continue when they go through growth spurts. It a way of telling your body you need to make more milk as there intake has increased as taking a long time between feeds so taking in more at each feed or that they are going through a growth spurt so need to start making more milk. This usually occurs in the evenings or at night when your milk levels have decreased during the day due to feeding. They say mothers make the majority of their supply or the order goes in during 2-6am so the last day’s supply starts running low. That’s quite a funny thing when you say it but when you’ve experienced it that’s when you know how fascinating it is. The only downside is that it occurs at the time of day when your so tired and want to sleep but your baby is so uneasy its maybe start irritating you.
  • The best time to bath baby so they are happy and content.
  • She always wanted a feed when I was eating food.
  • She preferred co-sleeping then her basket. I made an informed decision regarding this and how I felt in the night with feeding and how alert I was in the night. I never co-slept with my other children.
  • she loved her dad and only wanted to sleep on his chest.

It was the toughest time I had compared to my other children. I only ever breastfed my other children for a week, 2 weeks and a month but I also bottle fed so wasn’t as stressed as I was this time. I didn’t even buy bottles or the baggage that goes with bottle feeding because I only wanted to breastfeed. I was hating myself but I knew Islamically it was a right for my daughter this is something I never knew before which made it a more firm decision.

The next two months were just up and down, just perfecting the things that we had learnt over the course of four weeks getting to know our little madam. It was quite weird and scary even though we had the other children who had grown up together, we found ourselves having to do things from scratch. Our biggest hurdle was sorting breastfeeding out and just getting comfortable with it. It took us 12 weeks to get comfortable and feeding little madam.

She picked up many tricks in the first 6 months of her life and she knew what she wanted. she is a very stubborn girl. she is many times more alert and growing faster than my other children. she wanted to sit up quicker, wanted to roll, wanted to watch the t.v. She was amazed by the colours and faces. she moved around more but she could tell a new person from a person she had seen before, stranger danger kicked in quite early I can say. It was much more of an enjoyable time as I was a housewife and wasn’t at all bored with her at home. whereas with the other children being a working mother and used to getting things done quickly and then finding myself bored when she was resting or sleeping.

I started giving her finger food just a little before 6 months. That’s because at every child the best time for weaning changed and you definitely know when your child is ready to start on solids, you just wait for that cue.

She was still feeding in the day and the night, this was a new experience for me and maybe I should have started a bedtime routine at this point. I didn’t, I just went along with what I thought was right. If you want to set routines for your child then you should just before their 6 months. I started out with pureed foods at first and then I would give a combination of finger foods which she ate as well pureed as I would be able to see how much she was actually eating.

The first 6 months is an amazing time to see this baby who was fully dependant on you beginning its own independence. It can be such an emotional time as your not needed as much, and then your learning to love your own space again.


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