Hidden Pearls Hijaabs

I was recently asked to review some hijaabs by sister Rashda at Hidden Pearls UK.

I was asked by the company to choose two hijaabs of my choice.This was quite a hard job as they have such a wide variety of hijaabs available on the website and found two hijaabs I liked . I chose a pearly black colour you can wear every day and then a pink colour hijaab.

After choosing my Hijaab They were shipped out to me quite quickly. I received The package well packaged.

The first hijaab I opened was the black crinkle pearl hijaab. The quality of the scarf was quite tough and thick and the pearls were stuck on properly. The size was a bigger than average hijaabs so I knew automatically it would give me good coverage and the thickness the warmth I want in a everyday wearing hijaab. The embellishments made it trendy to wear to a function or just on a daily basis.

The second hijaab was pink with a white shade in it and the lace effect on the end gave it a luxury look. This is also very quality cloth so will not give out threads or tear easily. This hijaab can be worn to complement Asian suits or as a add on. This can also be worn over a embellished Abaya to function or party.

Overall the quality and size of the hijaabs are excellent. Over time the hijaab will not lose its quality because of the cloth used to make them.

Hidden pearls have a big verity of hijaabs available on their website along with Islamic gifts for all the family. The best thing that stood out to me is that they cater for all on a budget or like to have ready made mix gift packs.

Go and check out their hijaabs and gifts I’m sure you will definitely walk away with something you like or need.

Thank you for my hijaabs Hidden Pearls.

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