Baby to Toddler event!

I was given complementary tickets to visit the ‘Baby to Toddler event’, which was set up by the same people behind the well known ‘Baby Show’ which is held every year in and around the major cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham.

I have previously visited the ‘Baby Show’  last year before i had my little one. I was very happy to see that there was a platform available for people where they can browse and purchase items at a lower price than the high street. Also it gave the parents a chance to try before you buy, assemble and disable items and look at what has got awards and why. All the people on the stalls are always happy to give you demonstrations of their products.

This event also  allows local businesses which are not on the high street or offer parents something that is a bit personalised to them as not widely available. Every parent wants to have something different for their child as well as items that can give them the feeling of their baby being safe and calm. This also allows you to look at whats available in your budget or if its not your first baby only get items that they really need after knowing what was not needed first time round.

Coming back to the event Baby to Toddler had a good thought to having something a step ahead for when you child grows and essentials for when they grow from babies through to toddlers , hence the name.

There was items from feeding, clothing, washing, through to playing, exercise,  travel and then most importantly sleep.

The item that i loved was the all season grow bags for sleeping. They also offer muslin swaddle blankets and the forever gold cellular blankets all made from exceptional quality. There have many other items available as well.

They also were kind to give my viewers a special discount when you quote ‘mamalike10’. I hope you like her products as much as i do.


These events showcase a wide range of shops and places big or small. Its always a pleasure to meet the people behind the product and makes you see the passion behind the product. Its a great day out for all the family and parents whether its for a new born, toddler, gifts for parents to be or even just to have a look at the market for upcoming items for family and plan gifts for the year.

I loved the exclusive Goody bag {worth£30] which could be purchased for a small price of £1 and  the one of the sponsors Project Baby pledged to donate 50% of the cost to Great Ormond Street Hospital. 

This event was on a smaller scale to the well renowned ‘Baby Show’ and a start to something new to help parents with essential items through the transition from baby to toddler. I do feel that there should have been bit more items targeted for toddlers alone but overall a great day out. I came back with a few items i needed at excellent prices.

So if your looking for more information and a demonstration on essential you are looking to buy,  would love it at a excellent price and items which are personalised to you and your baby then i suggest you book a ticket when they are showcasing in your area next.


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