Pregnancy journey

Induction day

It was the time that I was least looking forward to, after hearing stories of people being induced, I didn’t want to go through it. Also the fear of having to leave children with family for a unknown amount of time or my husband even having the patience to stay in the hospital for however much time it took.

So many questions were arising in my head but like them even I was getting worried as I couldn’t feel her and had to do regular visits to carry on checking on baby for the next few weeks. Her staying inside the longest possible time was the best thing but whatever was best with Allah was gonna happen. When we are given a due date we set our minds with plans and jobs we need to do by a certain time but Allah swt is the best of planners. I remember thinking if I knew the gender of my baby maybe it will make the induction easier, but I’ve never believed in knowing the gender as I feel a baby is concealed for a reason plus it takes away the surprise when you’ve worked long and hard for this bundle for them to just say, ‘congratulations the babies born’ to ‘congratulations it’s boy/girl’!

The midwife arrived to do all the checks, there was no going back. She put on my admission band. They started by doing the Doppler monitor to check how madam was doing inside. They monitored me for 1 hour. The tablet was inserted and I was told that I was no where near to be anywhere as my cervix was quite high (it need to drop before it can start opening). I wasn’t liking the idea of induction as it was and this made me even more scared.

I had to stay lying down for 90 minutes before I could move around. We decided to go get some lunch, we couldn’t go far or off the grounds incase my waters went as I needed the iv antibiotics 4 hours prior to labour. We were then offered a lunch at the hospital, my husband also got one which was good. We then decided to do a little walk. The ward I was admitted on was on the 4th floor so I was adamant I needed the baby out so we walked down the flight of stairs and around the whole perimeter of the hospital and then back up the flights of stairs. My husband had to leave to tend to the other children as it was school run time. He didn’t want to rely on others if nothing major was happening at hospital with me. Also that evening my son was to receive a award for his excellent work at the symphony hall and I was bummed couldn’t be there. I was getting niggles but no major pain so I didn’t mind him going. Plus my niece was going to have the children overnight.

The clicked hit 5 o clock and I felt a urge for the toilet and I had been calling the nurses as I was due a next course of the tablet as. I thing progressed. I was tired as I had been doing lunges in the corridor and wobbling in the ball as I needed this baby out.

I went to get up to go toilet and a mighty pain just shot from my stomach and my pains just got worse that I couldn’t control myself. I was getting really strong contractions and they had to call my husband in and they got worried that they won’t give me my iv in time for delivery.

My son wasn’t able to get his award that night which really upset me even more than my son. He was happy as the baby was coming early and only a couple of days after his. That was his wish that he can share his birthday with the new baby, maybe that’s why they have such a strong bond.

I was taken down to the delivery suite, all prepped for iv, on the monitor they were sure baby was coming but when they examined me again my cirvix was still so high, no where near to labour. It didn’t make sense. The consultant arrived even she wasn’t sure what was happening but because little madam didn’t seem at all upset by all the pain they decided to wait. The pain began to get lesser and longer time between. I managed to get some sleep that night. I was kept under observation because of the drip I was given.

The next morning they examined again and still no movement. Up until then every doctor I saw wasn’t at all worried or had any questions. I even mentioned I keep having the urge to go toilet as I hadn’t had a Howell movement for 48 hours but they didn’t do anything for me, they said that didn’t matter and that had nothing todo with the pessary tablet or my pains. I was sure that was labour because of the force of pains I had. I was sent back upstairs to the ward and was given another tablet but this time I was getting pains often but little from the time they put the tablet in. I was tired from the earlier day ordeal that I was not in the mood or had the energy to walk. I kept falling asleep and waking to the pain so I had a inkling that these pain was the real deal but something was stopping it. My husband left for the school run and it felt abit dejavou like I was repeating a day. They couldn’t give me another pessary as that was their policy and I was scared about what the next stage will be. I was due to see a consultant after 7. It was past that time when they arrived as they were busy in the delivery suite. All I can remember is happening very fast and me being the talk of the hospital that night.

She examined me and said the cervix was still quite high and asked if I had released my bowels at all and that’s when I said finally someone on my wavelength. She said that they will try another tablet as I’m still not full term and baby seems fine.  I told her it was 48 hours since any bowel movement and I had told the nurses but they were saying it was just my body preparing for labour. As soon as she heard that she passed back the tablet to nurse {she had a raised eyebrow like a bulb had flashed above her head}, ‘she doesn’t need another pessary she needs an enema, let’s flush the system and get this baby out’.

I was quite puzzled to what was happening as everyone was rushing around me. while the doctor did a check she got things going again. the pains got quicker but that was the last thing they needed as they needed me in the labour room, and with an iv in me, befor anything could happen but before they can get the enema going and call my husband the pains just got that more intense. I was wheeled down to the delivery suite in a hurry. the enema was inserted and within secondsIi rushed to the toilet. finally by bowels were emptied and felt everything drop.

i walked out the toilet and my husband had arrived alhamdulillah. I breathed a breath f fresh air a i felt safe with him there. it was shift change time and quite busy in the delivery suite. i met the midwife that was looking after me and then there was two. the other midwife was back that night on her first shift after pregnancy. so i was gonna be well looked after.  The plan was they will check how far i was eventhough they already said i was 2 cm upstairs, if they can break my waters an get things moving.

Well! she checked and said i was 3 cm and he was able to break my waters.  The time then was 8.33pm and it was all go. my husband was like you go mad on the gas and air and hopefully should have a baby in at least the next 4 hours. he was all ready with his power bank. my husband doesnt do blood, dirt anything thats why he alwats stays at the head side of the bed, basically a support husband only.  As soon as the water were broekn i got another pain and it was the sharpest ever and plus maybe felt it the worse from the rest of the pregnancies as by this point im always high on the gas and air. I was like i want to go to the toilet, and the midwifes were looking away from me, so my husband had to look below. That was was when i saw his eyes open wide and i got worried and stuttering he said ‘excuse me, something is happening'{my husband has never seen the baby popping as its not very good scene for him}, errrmmm excuse me {in a higher voice}. Both the nurses turn to say its ok the pains will get……..aaaaaahhhhh the baby is coming. It all happened so quick i think 2 pushes and she was out. I was lucky there was two of them even though they couldn’t get everything ready in time but she was out safely. Born at 8.43pm, thats 10 minutes after they told me i was 3 cm.

My little bundle of Joy Dil-Aroush.

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