Pregnancy journey

Eeeeek! Surprise.

While I juggle the feeling of nausea, dizziness and hot/cold sweats, I was also going through tests regarding my symptoms. I get a call from the doctors to advise me regarding the results, I was diagnosed in being B12 deficient and I needed 6 booster injection as well as an injection once every three months for life.

After i got all things in order and felt that i can get my life in order, i wanted to do something new or even get my sanity back so thought of applying for jobs. i filled out a few applications and was ready to go.

I woke up fresh in the morning starting a week fresh feeling that injections were working and had a sudden urge for lemon sherbet sweets. i sort of thought nah…..and then the nausea was back i was like whats this and then came the sickness. It wasn’t making sense i thought everything was cleared i was recovering. I wasn’t liking the smell of the atmosphere. what can it be? Then it suddenly clicked i haven’t had a period, nah i cant be can i? can it?

I was a due a trip out that day so i picked up a pregnancy test. Yes! you heard right a pregnancy test.

I was a bit nervous, i didn’t know what to think, my youngest was 8 years old. What and how will i tell my husband who thought we were through all that baby business, we just got rid of all things baby from the house [even though it took me 8 years to do it].

i woke up fresh next morning and did the test, i didn’t want to see it, i didn’t know how i was going to react. loads of thoughts going through my head. i took the test and got on with my morning and trying to find courage to go back to it. after all the morning jobs were done everyone at school, hubby at work and the house all clean, i had some space to think. i sat down opened the packet and there as clean and clear was the plus sign. still, in two minds i go back to the instructions , what does this mean [even though i knew what it meant], its showing your pregnant said a sound from inside. the first word out my mouth.

Alhamdulillah [All praise is due to Allah].

Thats when i knew it was a good thing. I was excited at the thought but not excited at what was gonna be next or already happening.

I was gonna be a Mom { Mama Once More}.

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  1. Rumena says:

    Reminds me of my journey with Nusaibah….I wandered around the house in a daze after I saw the little red line and kept reading over the leaflet as if it was a mistake. I took a picture and WhatsApped it to hubby, who rang me and was like who’s is that? As if I’d send him a pic of someone else’s test. Even when he came back after work he still didn’t believe me. But as you say Alhamdulillah…every child is a blessing and it’s been so wonderful going through all the baby moments again. I am definitely more appreciative of every new milestone that’s reached , every new tooth and every new word.?

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