Pregnancy journey

20 weeks to birth

We reached 20 weeks quite quickly as i was ahead than i thought. This was good as usually my sickness starts to wean of by 16-20 weeks. this time round this didn’t happen. Typical me thinking i may be able to enjoy

the pregnancy. the sickness carried on in the background when my feet swell up, it was too early, I was only 22 weeks.

I had all my checks for pre-eclampsia. The main checks is a urine test to check for protein levels and your blood pressure. They say if you are gonna develop it then your blood pressure just raises doesn’t go down allot. Having high blood pressure can effect the growth of the baby. The baby receives all the blood  from the mother through the placenta and having pre-eclampsia can  effect the workings of the placenta and then disrupt the connection from mother to baby and development.

In severe cases a mother and mother are closely monitored and even admitted due to the severity of the condition. There is nothing that can be done to help this but to deliver the baby. Most mothers are monitored to about 37-38 weeks but sometimes it can be earlier. Most of the mothers that get through most of their pregnancy being low risk can be induced early but if the severity is high and mother and baby are to be made safe then a emergency cesarean is done.

Alhamdulillah i was given the clear but i did have some protein in my urine due to previous kidney problems. The swelling i was getting was called oedema.  This is when you have fluid that gets built up in the body and then makes the effected area to swell. The swelling in my case started with the feet and i was in 3 sizes up shoes but mainly wearing flip flops as that was the only thing that i could wear comfortably. I was a mother of 3 other children and that took its toll on me and my swelling just got worse. By the end of my pregnancy it had reached the top of my stomach and i just couldn’t feel my madam move around.

I’ve always had a infection that develops when your pregnant called Strep-B. When you have had it in one pregnancy your more likely to have it in all pregnancies. Not everyone is tested for it as the outcome of the viral getting to the baby through the amniotic fluid during pregnancy or when it moves through the birth canal during birth  can be severe as brain haemorrhage. There are many campaigns running to have everyone tested but the government doesn’t see that a charge of £6 is affordable to loose per mother when weighing the options of her loosing her baby, but that is another debate that can take many days to talk about but wont be resolved.

This is a infection usually lives inside the digestive system and in the vagina without doing any harm. This can sometimes cause urine infections , which i,ve had since birth myself and which is why they suspected i may need to be tested for Group B Step. The only thing that they can do to prevent any infection getting to the baby is giving antibiotics during labour. All being well, which is in most cases treated with the antibiotics, the baby and mother are monitored for 24 hours after birth for any changes to behaviour. When they notice changes they have to act fast and then the baby is treated. Alhamdulilah my labours have been quite quick but managed to get the antibiotics in enough time to prevent anything happening.

You have checks for Gestational diabetes in late pregnancy if you have a history of it in the family or if you are overweight etc. This is checked later as this can also effect the babies development , also the mothers body that cannot handle the excess levels then if not helped can result in early delivery of the baby. The good thing about this is that when you get diabetes during pregnancy it goes away after you’ve had the baby. We should make sure we have a well balanced diet of good rich foods to keep all the body functioning right. I’ve not been through this with any of my children so i cannot tell you how that feels but anyone reading this can reply back in the comment section it will be helpful.

My main problem during the latter part of the pregnancy was the swelling and headaches but they never really knew what that was occurring it. I started having fortnightly scans and regular fetal Doppler monitoring as i couldn’t feel madam because of the swelling.

On my last scan the Friday before my madam was born i was told to come in on Monday with a bag and they will make a decision on the day after my monitoring what they will do. They came to the conclusion that because i was coming up to 38 week, and it was safe to, they will induce me that day and i couldn’t go home. so the inducing began.

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