new journey

New beginnings or a fresh start!

Last year went passed like a fast train without stops. We had a lot going on but no plans, goals or outcomes. I didn’t do half the things I wanted to do as I felt like I lost myself. After finishing breastfeeding of 2 years with my daughter I felt like I didn’t have a goal. It was as soon as she became independent I was loosing the will. It shouldn’t be like that because life for her has just began and I’m still here being the foundation for my older children then why did I feel like this. I was praying, I following my daily duties but I had lost will to do anything.

I still don’t know why but I’ve taken to finding myself again. Looking at links to life and love. Links of brain to heart and then my soul. I am well but am I healthy. I am content but am I full. I am living but to the fullest! The answer to the latters is No! I’m not so I need to change that don’t I.

Well, once again using my daughter as my source and her taking on a new beginning in life by leaving the nest and starting school I am also venturing out to find myself. Going on courses, hopefully getting myself into gym for exercise, starting yoga for spiritual healing and finding myself through dikr and getting back to blogging. Ive wanted to do this since I found things hard but not finding or shall I say planning my time to do it.

I want to get closer to the Quran and it’s teachings. I want to get close to old friends who are in contact not in the same way. I distanced myself from both trying to find a balance and it destroyed me as a person.

Who wants to take this journey with me. I’ve started my journey and hopping along with Athiya from every cloud-silver lining. Her new calendar with Quranic quotes will definitely help me month by month.

So! Come join my journey to finding myself and purpose and let’s make a home in this world and the hearafter. Insh’Allah.

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