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Reasons why!

Do you believe that we always need a reason why something happened, be a bad a day, tragedy,  shortcomings or just when things are not going right? When good happens we just get so excited at the moment and don’t care about the reason. We always feel we need to give others reasons to why things didn’t happen a certain way!

For example, when I had a miscarriage I needed a reason or explanation of why it happened, was it my fault and if not then why????

I felt quite deflated and not having any love for my self after my miscarriage because I felt it was my fault, something I have done to encourage this, or something as simple as my body was just not ready for this and in turn I don’t look after my health so it rolls back to how it could be my fault. Your mind begins to run in circles and end up at square one and that just makes you crazy and feel worse about yourself. (snap my fingers) Get out of this thank God for what I have and make new goals and work towards them. If only life could be that easy when your young and if you had listened to your parent’s lectures or stories you wouldn’t be in this position and have a better idea of what’s happening.

As I was given a reason for my miscarriage I feel this helped me heal and work forward towards new and better goals. I looked forward to getting healthier and mentally as well as physically have a clear mind and soul.

When I younger I was quite stubborn and wanted to reach my goals in the times I had planned. If things happened I didn’t really let them get me down but when other people are connected with your goals it can make things harder to achieve.

Having reasons for shortcomings, tragedies, or even something small as being late which can be something big for the old me, is that you as well? can ease your brain or make puzzles easier to solve.

Even though it makes things easier, in turn, you need quick ways to overcome it as well. Talking to someone who doesn’t give anything in return is good because if they talk back they can sometimes make a situation worse. The best way to overcome it by writing it down, making spider graphs of why things happened and how it happened, what you can do to overcome it or better yourself.

This helps with your sanity, knowing your weaknesses and strengths and help to make better choices for your life and family. If you feel you can’t reach your goals then jot them down and slowly work through them. Take a tragedy as a sign from God and find better things or ways to reach that goal something you want.

If all fails then maybe that thing or goal is not best for you and try another goal or perspective don’t always look for reasoning in things it will really tie you down and you won’t be able to move forward.

I hope this helps with whatever you’re going through and you can make better life choices or changes. If this has helped or ever got stuck in life with a goal when you struck down please comment or let me know I would love to hear your stories and goals, what things came in your way and how you overcame them.


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